about us

BB&G-Alternative Worldwide Environmental Solutions (BB&G-AWES) is a technology-intensive company that applies a unique thermal conversion process in the transformation of rubber granules, derived from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs), into renewable products.

We have pioneered an innovative, patented technology, that converts potential waste into valuable, renewable, commercial by-products, that are applied in the circular economy as a raw material, targeting mainly the automotive industry.

We provide value-added products to the market, within the scope of the Circular Economy.

We separate the elements that were initially used to manufacture a new tyre. We are NOT a tyre recycling company.

Our process converts End-of-Life Tyres
(ELTs) into:

Diesel Fuel Oil

Recovered Carbon Black (rCB)




To provide a circular solution to the economic and environmental challenges facing both the disposal of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) and Carbon Black production.
We solve two problems:

  1. The disposal of waste tyres and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. We drive a mutually beneficial balance between environmental and economic goals.



To be a leader in the circular economy and become the preferred partner for our clients, in the production and delivery of Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) and Renewable Diesel Fuel Oil, and to close the loop on ELTs.
To create an innovative, environmentally sustainable business, that transforms end-of-life tyres into raw materials, for the manufacturing of new tyres and masterbatch products.



Total respect for the environment, honesty, perseverance, dedication and quality, with the aim of obtaining maximum customer satisfaction.